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We’re overjoyed to see you here at Tiger Lyly, where we have a fantastic range of handbags, each made to designer quality, and all priced so everyone can afford to have one. That’s the Tiger Lyly Mission, and we are committed to and passionate about staying with it for the benefit of our customers.

At Tiger Lyly we have a passion for our products, and we promise to do all we can to ensure that our clients enjoy a first-class shopping experience with us.
We look at Tiger Lyly and our customers as one and consider our clients family. We’re here because we believe everyone should have access to quality accessories at great prices that help them look superb. Our focus on the quality of the product extends to that of our customer service, and we are committed to continuing to improve as and when we need to.

Tiger Lyly has its roots in Guangzhou, China where the company was founded in 2020. The niche market for handbags that not only look like iconic designs but also feel like the real thing is the foundation on which the business rests. Each of our bags is made using high quality materials and fittings and takes inspiration from a classic designer handbag.

Where did Tiger Lyly come from? The founders of Tiger Lyly recognized a demand in the fashion accessories market for beautifully made and top-quality designer bags – but at affordable prices! Few can afford a new or used original Hermes, for example, but at Tiger Lyly you will find a choice of fantastic look alike bags for surprisingly low outlay.


If you have any questions or concerns our expert and friendly team is here to help you around the clock, so send us an email to  [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help.

Company name: Cherrycom Worldwide SL
VAT number: B01965813
Company address: Magallanes, 28 - 45870 Lillo (Toledo), Spain
(this is not a returning address)